A unique feature of the interlocking design is the ability of the blocks, once stacked, to act as a permanent structure.
The structure can be reconfigured or relocated with extreme ease and speed.
Our mould designs make it possible to easily produce quality concrete blocks for blast walls.

The flexible concrete construction system is ideal for both temporary and permanent solutions.
A blast proof wall is a barrier designed to protect vulnerable structures or buildings and the people inside them from the effects of a nearby explosion.

Explosions can be caused by military operations or terrorism. The precast concrete blocks produced with our steel moulds are an alternative for Bremer walls – they serve the same purpose.

concrete blocks
retaining wall blocks




The walls offer protection from flying fragments, impact, flat trajectory fire and accidental explosions and blasts in close proximity of the wall.
The concrete blocks also keep away prying eyes.

Blast proof walls are used to build both inhabited buildings and industrial applications designed to contain or minimize the impact of an explosion.

Stacked concrete blocks are quick and easy to use and provide the most cost-effective solution for the construction of blast-proof walls.

The Block Moulds products are perfect to create quality concrete blocks in various shapes and sizes.

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