Counter weight blocks can be used as ballast for fall arrest systems, securing scaffolding, fencing, hoarding and marquees or facade retention.
Precast concrete blocks are also used to act as ballast for tractors or other machines.
At events and festivals with tents, the interlocking blocks are used as anchors to increase wind stability.
Concrete blocks including concreted lugs are also used to set up frame tents on asphalt.

Using interlocking blocks with fork lift slots make transportation much eassier.

A perfect solution for temporary counterweight applications, from scaffolding and fencing at project sites or road works to anchoring possibilities during events.

The relocatable blocks are easy and pleasant to use, and can be stacked for intermediate storage.
The stud pattern that interlocks them is a nice feature that simplifies the transportation of stacked blocks from one site to another.

counter weights lego blocks

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