Flood protection walls are used to control, reduce or prevent the detrimental effects of rising water levels. With concrete interlocking building blocks, an excellent modular flood defence wall can be created. The precast units are stacked on top of each other and do not require mortar (dry stacked). The blocks have a studs and recesses that interlock them. Due to their mass and those studs and recesses they will not move out of place and thus require no bonding material like mortar.

Precast concrete products are widely used to build new sea walls, construct flood plain defences or heighten river banks. These walls can be built without special equipment and provide a robust, cost-effective and easy to build solution.

The concrete blocks are easy to produce with the use of premium quality steel moulds. Instructions on how to pour the concrete into the mould are available. Our patented mould design includes a range of products to be able to make concrete blocks as efficiently as possible. Steel moulds by Block Moulds are as flexible as the concrete blocks produced with them.

concrete blocks
retaining wall blocks




Different mould panels can be reused to create other mould sizes.
If you need to produce blocks of the same length but with another height, only the side panels have to be exchanged.
The bottom plate and top plate of the mould can be re-used.

No other mould system to produce interlocking concrete blocks offers that much freedom of choice and are so easy to adapt to a specific situation.

It is the perfect Lego-like system for architects and designers to plan and design bespoke creations.
On top of that, it is more cost-efficient than traditional construction methods.

Modular flood retaining walls made from sustainable concrete blocks are ideal in solutions for:

• Sea walls, waterways and riverbanks
• Coastal and floodplain erosion control
• Shoreline Protection

In addition, installing the blocks is easy and can be done in all weather conditions.

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