Push walls made from interlocking concrete blocks have a perfect 90º wall to floor joint.
The blocks are suitable for push walls in waste transfer stations, MRF’s, recycling facilities, salt barns, biomass boiler facilities and dry bulk material storage yards.

The stackable blocks can be found in perimeter and dividing walls, and provide a faster, more economical alternative to casting in-situ.
The blocks are manufactured off-site in factory controlled conditions to ensure high quality.

The walls constructed with these blocks are able to resist forces exerted by heavy machinery, for example at waste transfer stations where trucks are loaded by wheel loaders.
Each block interlocks with the next and is dry stacked, which saves enormous amounts of installation time and money.

construction blocks
concrete building blocks




Modular precast wall blocks can be taken down and relocated to divide an area in a different way.
Concrete blocks can be replaced in the unlikely event of excessive damage.

Concrete push-walls can be built in almost all weather conditions.
The blocks can be used in the construction of many projects, and they offer a quick and easy installation to meet your needs.

Interlocking concrete blocks are an ingenious, space saving solution for the retention of materials and can withstand forces of heavy loading machinery.

In short, interlocking concrete blocks offer sustainable solutions for many applications.
These concrete blocks can be made using the patented mould system by Block Moulds.

The steel moulds are modular in design and superior in strength and quality.

Various shapes can be produced. The only thing you need is a basic block mould and a set of inserts.

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