The high weight of the concrete security barriers created with our block moulds, make them very suitable for obstacles and barricades.
The concrete blocks can be temporary or permanently positioned in public areas or event sites.
With their anti-ram feature, they are able to withstand impact loads and dissipate impact energy.

Concrete blocks with forklift slots facilitate easy transport and relocation of blocks used to make structures with a temporary nature.
The inserts needed to produce these types of blocks can be found in our shop.

The barrier blocks provide superior protection of people and structures during:

Sporting events

Outdoor concerts


VIP conferences



retaining wall design
retaining wall ideas




Concrete safety barrier blocks have many practical uses:

• Anti-terror obstacles for protection from terrorist attacks
• Collision protection for buildings and structures
• Safety barriers during civil unrest and riots
• Road dividers to safely separate pedestrians and vehicles
• Reliable passive barriers to secure vulnerable access points at airports, train stations, hotels and tourist centers and prevent access of vehicles.

A temporary concrete barrier provides a quick and efficient way to prevent unwanted vehicles gaining access.
The blocks can be positioned close together to form a long, continuous barrier or can be placed singularly.

The barriers are most suitable where access prevention for vehicles is required as they can withstand enormous impact.
The blocks may be used to divide pedestrians and vehicles ensuring on-site safety and stop the oncoming vehicle quickly with a large mass of concrete.

Concrete barriers can be produced in various shapes and sizes, as you can see in our shop.

The blocks can be placed in various flexible patterns for temporary or permanent protection.




Perimeter security systems are used to shield employees, visitors, and building functions and services from threats.

Interlocking concrete blocks protect areas from unauthorized vehicles approaching or penetrating high-risk buildings.
These barricades are highly effective, easy to install and flexible in design to suit different environments and architectural needs.

Complete security systems such as boundary walls and fencing include both perimeter barriers and controlled access points for pedestrian as well as authorized vehicles.
Walls made from interlocking concrete blocks can destroy a colliding vehicle and block the majority of catapulted objects.

The blocks provide all the benefits of a permanent solution, with the useful advantage that they can be reconfigured or relocated as needed.

barrier from concrete blocks

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