A silage pit system made with interlocking blocks offer the flexibility of bricks with the speed and durability of a precast construction.
Concrete interlocking blocks can be produced by pouring concrete into steel moulds.

The blocks offer fast, flexible and instant silage pit solutions.
Silage pit designs can be customized based on the desired size and shape.
Existing structures can be modified, expanded or completely relocated. Changing height and length is easy by removing or adding interlocking blocks.

Other names for silage pits you might come across are silage silo, silage bunker, and precast concrete bunker walls.
A synonym for the same, but the principle of storage using interlocking blocks remains the same.

Concrete blocks form a stable structure with tough walls that can withstand the load of silage material during storage or loading and unloading of the material.

Precast concrete silage bunker walls provide appropriate storage space for manure, fodder and litter.

retaining wall
cement blocks




You can start stacking concrete blocks immediately on condition that soil resistance is sufficient and the surface is flat.

Creating a special foundation is not necessary. Construction of your silage pit can be completed within a few hours depending on its size.

If the final block of your construction is in position your storage is immediately ready for use.

The blocks are versatile and long-lasting. A quick and cost-effective method of construction, with many advantages.

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