Storage bays made from interlocking blocks have multiple uses and form an ideal storage solution.
The bays can hold numerous materials and the flexibility of the system offers users the possibility to alter the storage spaces.
The strength, durability and sustainability of the blocks makes foundations obsolete and give them broad application potential with regard to storage requirements.

Create storage bays for bulk material storage at job sites and in factories and warehouses for:

Aggregates (sand, gravel, crushed stone etc.)

Other dry bulk materials (wood, waste, salt, soil etc.)

Agriculture and Farming (silage, grain etc.)

Storage and Segregation Bays for material recycling

Other names for storage bays you might come across are commodity storage, aggregate bays and bunker walls, but the principle of storage using interlocking blocks remains the same.

waste bays from lego blocks
material storage bays concrete blocks




Build all types of structures using concrete modular building blocks made with our moulds.
Alternate shapes and sizes are available to build impressive interlocking structures that are durable yet flexible.
The storage capacity can be increased by simply adding another layer.
Superblocks made from concrete are suitable for heavy-duty applications. They are a proven solution you can rely on.

Bay walls for bulk storage must have straight walls. The concrete mega blocks must be produced with a high level of precision to be able to position the blocks in a straight line.
The unique features of the interlocking principle enables you to quickly and easily build safe, durable bulk storage bays.
The simplicity of the system allows users to add bays as desired, improving both the effiency and lowering the cost of material storage.

The steel moulds offered by Block Moulds combine good design and good functionality with the right quality.

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