Roadblocks for permanent and temporary traffic management can be found in industrial areas such as port terminals, larger industrial firms, construction sites or project sites.
The blocks made from concrete function as a temporary or permanent solution to guide vehicles across the terrain.

Features and applications of these casted elements as a cost-efficient solution:

 The road blocks mark places where driving or parking is prohibited or dangerous.

The heavy units prevent vehicles from crashing.

 The blocks are not easy to move, certainly not by hand. Barricades will therefore stay in position.

 It is easy to change the route at any given time.

When your project is finished, the concrete blocks may be transported as needed and re-assembled at another location or can be modified on-site to use in different applications.

large concrete blocks
traffic management lego concrete blocks




Large lego-like concrete blocks can be used for temporary traffic management and rerouting or securing road work sites.

Often reflectors are added to make the crash protection blocks visible in the evening and night.
This makes the blocks particularly useful for road blocks and crash protection for hangars, buildings or installations.

They can also be found in ballast systems for site fencing and are suitable to hold down tents used as temporary workshops.
The concrete barriers are characterized by their quick and easy installation and their mass.

They are also useful as retention walls for railway embankments and highways, to compensate for changes in the terrain.
Various applications for retaining walls can also be found on the retaining wall page.

The flexible mould system is the most cost-friendly method to introduce flexibility into the production of various concrete block sizes and shapes.
The products are easy to use and do not require a large investment.

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