Bottom plate 180×60

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The bottom plate is the part of the mould with which the recesses on the bottom of the interlocking concrete block are created. Fitting the male side of one block into the female side of another is called the interlock principle. Interlocking concrete blocks are automatically horizontally and vertically aligned – thus stacking requires no special skills.

Because of the modular design of our moulds the bottom plate can be used for the production of various block sizes. The bottom plate can be connected to several side walls to produce blocks of various heights. Worn and damaged parts can simply be replaced. This is one of the many benefits of modular construction and extends the life span of our products.

Bottom plates can be used to form blocks of various lengths. Do not forget the fixed and loose connections needed to assemble all walls and the top and bottom plates.

Read more about our design principle to find out how to select and assemble the different available walls to produce various concrete block sizes and shapes.

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Dimensions 180 × 60 cm
Block form

Basic Block (BB)


180 x 60 x 30, 180 x 60 x 60