Concrete Slab Mould 200x200x14

 900.00 (EXCL. VAT)

This mould is for production of rectangular concrete paving slabs. Concrete slabs are perfect paving units for permanent or temporary applications. The concrete plates are frequently used in the industrial and agricultural sector.

Application can be found in aggregate separation bays, industrial flooring in unpaved situations, agricultural bulk storage and other bulk material storage.

The heavy duty concrete slabs withstand loads of heavy machinery due to the large dimensions of the slab to spread loads to the underlaying layers of the ground surface. The concrete ensures that the surface is always accessible.

The concrete slabs are often used in combination with the lego-like concrete blocks to build revetment walls and yard boundary walls.
Positioning of concrete slabs can be done simply by using the special lifting equipment for turning and lifting.

By adding the cast-in profiles the concrete slabs can be easily handled. The cast-in inserts will be used for each produced concrete slab to create two lifting points.

The available two legged chain sling can directly be connected to the lifting yoke installed on a forklift. The hooks on the other side of the lifting chain will be installed into the slots at the top of the concrete slab. This ensures a safe working method for personnel and environment for handling the heavy concrete slabs.


Dimensions 200 × 200 × 14 cm