Forklift Lifting Beam (Single-Direction)

 450.00 (EXCL. VAT)

A mounted lifting beam to attach to the forks of a forklift. Used to move concrete blocks in a safe manner. Align the forklift transversely with the long side of a concrete block. This type of equipment is also known as a forklift locating yoke attachment or fork mounted hooks.

If the concrete block has a cast-in foot anchors with spherical head for lifting, a lifting chain sling can be attached to the lifting beam and to the lifting clutch. The transporting actions needed to transport a concrete block can be carried out by a single person.

In addition, a block clamp or block grab can be attached to lift the concrete blocks.

A block clamp can be attached to the lifting beam (Single-Direction) to lift, move and release numerous blocks safely on a building site or yard.

Our lifting beam (Dual-Direction) allows for more handling flexibility. This unit enables the forklift driver to position his truck transversally or longitudinally of the concrete block.