Mould opener

 15.00 (EXCL. VAT)

The mould opener is specially designed to open the L-shaped mould construction. Minimum force is required to release the concrete from the steel.

The mould can be released with a mould opener that fits in the mould construction in multiple ways. Of course the quality and proper application of the release agent (before pouring the concrete into the mould) play a role in the functioning of the opener.

This steel opener is hot-dip galvanised to protect it against corrosion and other external influences. Other protective paint systems would be easily damaged due to the nature of the use of this tool.

This robust product can be used with all our block moulds. Other protective paint systems would get damaged easily, with serious corrosion as a result. Our expertise and user experience are used to develop fit for purpose products based on proven technology.

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Block form

Basic Block (BB)


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