Release Agent 30L

 110.00 (EXCL. VAT)

Block Moulds is dealer for Tillman Construction Chemicals, a leading producer of admixtures for concrete and mortar.

A release agent prevents poured concrete from sticking to the mould. To apply the release agent, spray it evenly on the inside of the walls and bottom panel. Preferably use a pressure sprayer with a broad nozzle. Block Moulds is also supplier of robust high performance sprayers

About the release agent:

A solvent-free product without saponifiable contents. It improves the appearance of concrete surfaces and prolongs the service life of our mould construction.

User instructions:

Formwork release TM is thin and evenly sprayed on the formwork. Formwork release TM can alternatively be applied with a big brush or a roll. The oil should not be used too excessively and there should not be any spill-overs on horizontal surfaces or in angles.

Technical data

  • State of aggregation: liquid
  • Colour: colourless
  • Density (kg/l): 0.83
  • Storage: dry, frost-protected, in closed packaging
  • Shelf-life: when stored correctly at least 1 year, after date of production
  • Coverage: 1 Litre release agent is sufficient for about 30-40 m²

Can be ordered in a 15 litre can, a 30 litre can, or a 200 litre barrel.