Blocks produced using our moulds are designed to be modular, so you can create a variety of temporary buildings and structures.
You can change, expand, or disassemble them as required. For example a welcomed solution for industrial storage sheds and temporary building constructions.

Blocks can be stacked, staggered and turned to create all types of modular industrial buildings.
From temporary offices to housing facilities, and from storage sheds to guard shacks, you can construct all types of customized structures to meet your specific needs.

You aren’t limited to any particular configuration or design and can construct durable buildings that vary according to specific site needs of temporary and semi-permanent structures.

The concrete building system is also often used to build retaining walls, silage pits and storage bays.

lego block system
building structure wall lego blocks




Its our mission to inspire the builders of tomorrow to use flexible wall structures made from concrete in industrial buildings.
The moulds used to cast these concrete blocks are as modular as the productsthey help to create.

Produce many shapes and sizes using our revolutionary moulds.
The conventional mould that include fixed ‘L’-shaped parts that others have supplied for years restricted users in the amount of shapes and sizes that could be created.

We see things differently, andmade an effort to look at concrete block production from the mould users’ perspective.
Concrete block producers should not be forced to buy many mould constructions to produce many different blocks.

Our patented design enables users to simply interchange a minimum number of parts to build multiple mould sizes and shapes.

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