Many modern facilities have large areas for hazardous processes and product storage.
The facilities use concrete fire break walls to limit the amount of material exposed in a single fire incident.

To that end, areas can be divided into fire partitions.
An ideal solution to build these fire barriers is the use of interlocking concrete blocks.

These blocks can be produced in various sizes to fit specific needs.

The concrete blocks, which are made with steel moulds are modular, which means the dry-cast concrete blocks can be relocated and reconfigured.

Fire break wall
concrete building blocks




Fire walls made of concrete blocks are dry stacked, which means the blocks are placed without mortar.
Their weight, studs and recesses will prevent the lego-like blocks from overturning or sliding away.

The exact amount of time for which a precast fire barrier will provide protection from fire will vary depending on a number of factors.
The duration of protection is subject to the design and location of the walls, the type of combustible material, the strength of the concrete including reinforcements and the possible presence of cover material.

If you are unwilling to build a foundation for a fire wall and have a stable subsurface to build on, interlocking concrete blocks are a perfect solution.
Especially when the wall has to be temporary or if a flexible layout is desired.

Blocks with a thickness of 800 mm will normally provide four (4) hours of fire protection.
Any gaps or jointing between the blocks of the precast concrete wall need to be sealed to provide protection from fire.

Fire break walls can be combined with other building structure walls made from interlocking concrete blocks.

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