Basic block mould 120x60x30

 950.00 (EXCL. VAT)

Our basic block mould is used to produce the original lego-like concrete blocks and is available in various sizes.

These interlocking blocks can withstand heavy pressure loads. They can be used individually as a barrier, or as part of a wall. When used in a wall, the individual block gets its strength from the rest of the wall due to the interlocking concept.

Heavier blocks are designed to provide a solution for a large variety of projects including retaining walls, construction walls, storage bays, boundary walls, and security fences and barriers.

Constructions made of interlocking concrete blocks are frequently applied in the bulk material industry, waste disposal and recycling, agriculture and civil engineering.

Exchangeable parts

Expand the possibilities of interlocking concrete blocks even further by replacing the side walls of the mould to create a block of half or double the height. Replace the bottom and top plate to produce blocks of different lengths. Extend the lifespan of your mould by simply swapping out damaged or worn parts.

Each individual component can be bought separately from our store.

For more applications, see our special page . With a basic block and a set of interchangeable inserts, various block shapes can be produced.



Dimensions 120 × 60 × 30 cm
Block form

Basic Block (BB)


120 x 60 x 30