Block Scissor Clamp 800-400

 1,750.00 (EXCL. VAT)

A block clamp is like a scissor grab which is fully mechanically operated via a crane, loader crane (hiab) or forklift truck without the driver having to leave the safety of his cab. The lifting gear minimizes swinging of the concrete block and allows accurate positioning at 90˚ centres.

The block clamps are equipped with an automatic locking mechanism. The system holds the clamp open between  lifts, allowing quick and easy single person operation. This facilitates efficient loading and unloading, saving both money and time.

This concrete block lifting device is fitted with interchangeable rubber pads to reduce slippage risk. Thanks to the white rubber pads, they also do not leave any colour on the concrete blocks. The rubber profiles are also available as spare parts.The rubber pads are available in black and silver and can be purchased as spareparts as well.

Block clamps are used with HIAB or lorry cranes, tower cranes and forklift trucks using a yoke. These yokes or lifting beams are available in two types. Which type is needed depends on what the yokes are used for. We offer dual-direction beams and single-direction beams.

The mechanical lifting clamp can grab concrete blocks from 80 cm to 40 cm wide. Capacity (WLL): 3750 Kg.

To lift 60 cm to 30 cm wide blocks, we have the BSC-W600-300 available.