Foot anchors with spherical head 2.5t

 1.00 (EXCL. VAT)

An economical and effective method to lift and move interlocking concrete blocks. Our standard Swift Lift foot anchors for precast concrete blocks are 170 mm long and have a safe working load of 2500 kg. They are hot dip galvanized to protect against corrosion.

Foot Anchors, also called Pin Anchors, efficiently transmit the applied load to the concrete through their uniform conical ‘foot’. The foot induces a shear cone in the concrete which resists pullout.

Please also check out the matching lifting clutch for a safe and secure lifting operation.

We work with minimum orders of 80 pieces. Anchors are sold in packaging units of 80 pieces. Upon purchase of a crate (3000) the price per piece will be much lower.